Thursday, 17 January 2019

progress of a painting - The Black Lion

first sketches

add a watercolour wash in my sketchbook

draw it out bigger on watercolour paper

clean up and remove all the pencil lines

where to start...that sun reflecting off the opposite wall!

using the purple and blue palette to start off, then adding the brighter colours

yellows and the sky brings it to life

pops of colour with the clothes, and I think it is finished

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

A sunny afternoon at The Depot, Lewes

working out what can be fitted into the sketch

finished watercolour, includes a couple of characters to spot
the finished watercolour currently hangs on the wall in the Depot cafe/bar area
I have enjoyed painting cinemas recently, including the Duke of Yorks in Brighton, The Dome in Worthing and the Orion in Burgess Hill. Lewes has an absolutely fabulous new cinema in the Depot. Housed in the old Harveys brewery depot beside the railway station, it has been designed to nestle in the topography and be an absolute gem for Lewes.

It was however a bit of a challenge to paint, to fit in all the elements that I wanted, so as usual a little bit of artist's licence was needed!

I fancy painting a night time view, too. watch this space for that.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

A painting of The Anchor, Bankside

On a sunny October afternoon I sketched the pub
I took my sketch and extended it, needed to get Tower Bridge in!

finished painting worked up from my sketches

On a sunny October afternoon I sat on the wall with my back to the Thames and sketched the Anchor pub. A wonderful place to sit out on sunny bankside and watch the world go by. Samuel Pepys sat there and watched the devastation of the fire of London 350 years ago. there certainly are some good views. I wanted to paint this view, but needed to extend it to fit in the Thames and Tower Bridge!
The final painting and I imagined a few extra people, including Pepys, an artist, and a sausage dog.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

painting a picture of a pretty cake shop in Pimlico, Peggy Porschen

initial sketch

all drawn out and ready to colour

the finished painting

I stumbled across Peggy Porschen cake shop on Instagram, so had to go and have a look myself. It is so pretty! I brought the sun a bit more overhead for the finished painting because I wanted my people on the right to also be in the sunny seats, and I wanted that free table to look inviting. But somehow it looks less sunny than the first sketch where the sun is lower and the shadows deeper. something to remember!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Maison Bertaux

I sketched this pub in Feb 2017, but something wasn't working with it

I drew it out again, but with a little bit less of the pub 

first the blues and then the yellows, but that sunset sky is just too strong

the finished painting, brought alive by the colours on the people

The Maison Bertaux patisserie is in Greek Street, Soho. It is one of those places that cried out to me to be painted. I sketched it out a year ago, but did not feel right about the layout. On researching the patisserie (the oldest in London) and the pub next door, I began to find out more and more stories about the pub. The Coach and Horses Greek Street, I think I will revisit that one rather than try to put them in this painting, which is all about the pastries!
Upstairs above the patisserie is a gallery, there are many arty connections. Noel Fielding showed paintings here just before christmas. ; )
In the end I knocked the sky back. I wanted a glowing sky rather than blue, but found that my first attempt was far too gold and overpowered the building. I hope the pink and purple additions have made it a bit more subtle!
Maison Bertaux "People watching, patisserie and a pub (with a past) "

Friday, 9 February 2018

Jazzy jamming at The Paris House

plans in the sketch book

all drawn out and ready for colour
I fancied a really strong colour scheme this time 

Have a closer look at the jam session, in watercolour

This pub on the border of Brighton and Hove was crying out for me to paint it. I have always loved a tall thin building and this one, along with its French styling was summing up images of Vincent Van Gough and Toulouse Lautrec.
So all this was in mind when I drew it out.
The chequerboard floor inside the pub was too good to leave out, so it spills out onto the pavement outside with the light and music

Thursday, 23 November 2017

An advent card for Taylors Port

initial rough sketch to work out layout 
the sketch looked a lot better with colour

and now drawn out on a much larger scale

the first colours go on
a few extra details are added as I go

have a closer look at the treading

and here it is at Judge Sampson in production

I had the exciting challenge this autumn, to paint the  beautiful Vargellas Vineyard in Portugal for Taylors Port, and to include in the painting people working on the harvest, and also treading the grapes in the tanks in the winery. This involves much jollity with music and dancing too!

It took a while to figure out the layout, and did need a couple of minor changes. Adding watercolour to the sketch helped the client to see the final effect.

This was a lovely picture to paint, full of sunshine and celebration. It was then printed as an advent card and has now been sent out to Taylors' friends for christmas time.