Friday, 30 May 2014

more colour on the Family Portrait

Now the flowers and grass have grown and the warm skin tones are on. Clothes next! 

Painting a family at Southover Grange

I have drawn all the family and used the Grange gardens as the setting. At first, there is a muddle of lines, but as I drop in the first colours the buildings begin to appear.
The three sisters wear the same dress but in their individual colours. These colours are set, but I will leave the flexible colours until much nearer the end of the painting, and I can use a mix of colours to balance the picture as a whole.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

sketching on a rainy day in Brighton

Here is a view from Costa window in Brighton, it was just too wet to sit down and sketch outside.
I had a limited palette of colours and not much room to move...but I think this sketch sums up the day! 

Picasso at the Six Bells, Chiddingly

Picasso and the Pub, all painted and off to the framer, ready for the July exhibition at Chalk Gallery, includes a very small Picasso sketch (actually measures 1.5cmx1cm) ... Time to try something bigger?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Picasso at the Six Bells, Chiddingly

plans for the painting in the sketchbook

all drawn up bigger, starting the colour

green makes a difference!

latest painting in progress from the sketch to the layers of colour. I feel much happier when the bright, sunny colours begin to appear!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Edward Reeves & The Castle finished!

Finished Edward Reeves photographers now, ready for the next hang at Chalk Gallery : )
The Royal (looking) Crest above the door was originally installed by the Shoemaker called Neals, that had the shop before Edward Reeves. It still exists, inside the building. The colours however, are imagined!
Tom Reeves is still running the family photographers, he is the great grandson of Edward.
 I pictured Tom up in the upstairs window, having a go with his first camera.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

First colours at The Market Porter

I have two pictures on the go at the moment. The Market Porter  and the Lewes Photographer.
Have washed on the base colours to this one, it is crying out for some reds and yellows...

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Edward Reeves gets the sunshine

Progress on my Edward Reeves paintong..the first colours laid on come to life when the blue skies and greenery are washed on. Back in with the pen now to put some interest in the windows. Now what will go in?...

I don't like cricket, I love it

I painted this little picture last week for a personalised birthday gift. I have heard that it went down well as did the tea and cake! 

Friday, 2 May 2014

new sketches all drawn out now

I have been working on my two drawings today, lots of pen work...a few lines still to go in but on the whole..ready for colour!

A couple of new sketches

Here are my latest sketches, been working on some commissions and the little doggie book, so haven't updated the blog for a while!
Edward Reeves Photographer at the top is, as you can see, just beneath the castle, and a fourth generation photographer working in the same building.
How many people have walked through those doors!
The second image is the Market Porter at Borough Market, in Southwark. There is a wonderful busy buzzy atmosphere at Borough Market, and the pub too. Actually, the area has been used in lots of films, including Harry Potter. will have to put a reference in there!...