Sunday, 30 September 2012

Church Street pub

Here is my next pub sketch. Looks a bit empty at the moment!
I need lots of reference for inside those doors and more customers outside. ...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Florist, Brighton - detail

here is a detail from another painting going in to Chalk on Monday. Gunns the florist sits at the bottom of North Street Brighton. With the flowers spilling out on to an otherwise very dull bit of street it is as pretty as a picture. the building is fabulous too, right up to the roof!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Conversations on the prom

Here is a little detail from one of my next smaller sized paintings to go into Chalk Gallery from next week.
I had a great comment today from a satisfied customer...all the way from the other side of the world in New Zealand.."The packaging was brilliant, but you cannot imagine how stunned we were by the quality of the print you have sent..Your printer person is marvelous as it really does look like the actual watercolour..." 
thank you Stephanie!! 

Market Inn gets a wash

First colours washed on to the Market Inn...

Friday, 21 September 2012

Pulteney Bridge painting...downstairs

Here is my other painting, downstairs in the Bath Prize least it has good light!!

A corner of the Bath Prize exhibition

here are just some of the hundreds of lovely paintings received for the Bath Prize 2012. My three at the right hand end of the wall, I also had one downstairs. Top left is a painting by Laura Fearne that I met recently via the wonderful web, we have very similar subject matter taste! In fact, we have both painted Sally Lunns from exactly the same view point and cropped in the same place!
This exhibition officially opens tomorrow and runs until 30th if you find yourself in Bath...

About The Bath Prize

from yesterday's Bath Chronicle, my painting made it top left. Unfortunately no prizes for me! In fact I don't think one of these paintings in the paper got a prize.
Had a lovely day walking the streets of Bath, looking up more family history and finding more things to paint. Three of my paintings have a good spot in The Bath Prize Centre, I will add a photo soon. Happy to meet in person Moira Ladd and Laura Fearne, two artists that I have previously only met through the magic of the web!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Market Inn drawn

I have taken my sketch and drawn it out larger...added passers by and customers. Still a few decisions to be made, and the Prince Regent will go in one of the windows, but I can decide on that later. Now I can get the paints out. but not today...I am off to Bath for the Artists reception for the Bath Prize. Might get to the shops this time too, and of course, I will always be on the look out for more things to paint!

Monday, 17 September 2012

A new sketch...The Market Inn, Brighton

Here I am sketching buildings back home again! The Market Inn in Market Street Brighton used to be called the Golden Fleece, and is rumoured to have been a Shades or Bordello... where the Prince Regent secretly went for, well, a night out?! I think I had better have him in there somewhere.
 A brown dog this time, not Barney, and then lots of passers by and customers will need to be added.
I love the fluttering bunting which brings in movement. And the red shop next door is a good contrast to the green paint on the pub.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Delivery of paintings to Bath

Yesterday I went to Bath by train with my three paintings under my arm, ready for this year's Bath Prize. I finally got to see all the work in The Best of The Bath Prize exhibition too. The exhibition is in temporary premises in Stall Street, opposite the Roman Baths Pump House.
Only a couple of weeks ago I discovered that my Grandad (on my mothers side)'s Grandad, had been a shopkeeper in Stall Street Bath so I intended to look up where he had been when I was there.
I went to the library and found him working as a tailor at 3 addresses there. I photographed some of them. But now for the big coincidence ... and maybe the reason that I have found Bath...

The owner of the Bath Gallery recommended a guest house for me to stay overnight if I go back for the Private View next week, in the centre of Bath in Abbey Green. Whilst researching my Grandad's Grandad, I found him at one address of 3 Abbey Green. Guess which number is the Guest House!! ...3 Abbey Green. : O
Now I know why I am finding Bath so wonderfully paintable!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ghostsigns and me

Sam, that writes the Ghostsigns website, blog, twitter and facebook, has written a lovely piece about my work that has included ghostsigns.
For those of you that don't know, a ghostsign is a faded ad from the past, usually painted, and struggling to survive on modern day walls and shopfronts. Sometimes they are discovered when shops are being renovated and modern signs removed, or sometimes when a building next door is demolished.
Others just cling on, high up on walls, where they once had pride of place,  and encouraged us all to use brylcreme, drink Bovril, eat Hovis, eat Chocolate, or enjoy Dubonnet. There were also lots to encourage smoking, and matches were popular ads too.
Have a look at the site, it is really fascinating, and will get you - looking up!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Illustration Daily gave me a mention

I have some work in a downloadable magazine called twohundredby200. I havent downloaded it myself yet...
 Link here

The Best of the Bath Prize exhibition

 I was reading Chris Dunn's blog, he was the overall winner of last year's Bath Prize, and he mentioned that he would be at the Bath Prize Centre on several occasions in the run up to this year's exhibition. So...I asked him if he would mind taking a photo for me, so I could finally see just what I had exhibited. And here it is... Above is the shop front, it had been standing empty having been a closed down shoe shop, and has been put to good, but temporary, use, for this exhibition. An ancestor of mine (several times great grandfather) used to be a tailor in this very street, Stall Street, Bath! You can just see my paintings inside through the right hand closed door.
Here is a closer look at the work. The wonderful large painting at the bottom of course is not mine.
The two Pulteney Bridge paintings are together at the top. this is the first time that I have seen them together, and it looks like I got the sizes right so they match!  I was only working from my photographs, and the fact that I was limited to the length of my paper. The Bridge painting underneath is one of my entries for this year, and it hasnt been priced as it is not yet for sale.
On the top right is my painting of Cote Brasserie in Milsom Place which sold last year.
the middle is Sally Lunns (Bath Buns and Hungry Tums) which I painted for the Inspired exhibition in Bath in spring 2011, and at the bottom is my painting of "Baths smallest Pub" the Coeur de Lion.
All the other paintings are priced, but I cant see how much for. But it looks like they have increased in value which is good!
I think Barney is in all of them...going to have a closer look now!