Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fleamarket from back to front and back again

I always start with pen from the top down

but then stop and work from the front back
My method for penning in all the lines, is trying to think in layers. I begin at the top and work my way down, then when I get to a complicated bit, I start from the bottom and work up. Now I can see how much room I have outside the flea market for all the odd bits and pieces for sale. I usually draw what is going on behind the windows and doors, last of all. Usually after I have begun painting, otherwise it can all get a bit confusing!
I love dragging a wash of one colour across a detailed area such as the cobbled street. You could really only do it with watercolour!

The Flea Market, Lewes

sketching the Flea Market
Here is my sketch of The Fabulous Fleamarket in Market Street, Lewes. I love the suits of armour in the upstairs window, and the beautiful old car that is occasionally parked in front. It is a great place to have a wander...if you have time to spare, there is lots in there!
The sketch grew, and went across on to the opposite page of the sketchbook. Trying to plan a size to draw this out...only have one piece of bockingford left at the moment, so that decided it for me!
All drawn out...although this will probably change
All drawn out in pencil now, ready for attacking with the fineliner! It looks really grey at the moment, I love it when the pen goes on and I can erase some of that graphite.

Friday, 25 January 2013

The Pine Chest, Lewes

I think it is finished! The shop did end up taking a long time as more and more decisions had to be made as I drew the toys! I hadn't intended to add so much detail, but as usual I got a bit carried away! Even down to a bargain painting picked up at the Flea Market.... here is a closer look...
Talking about the Flea Market...I think that has to be painted next! Watch this space.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Filling up The Pine Chest

That's better! It makes such a difference once the yellows and greens go on...patterns on clothes and shadows all start to make the picture come to life. Nearly there, but it will probably take me a few more hours to finish, all those decisions on what clothes to dress my people in!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

First layers of paint on the Pine Chest

The first layers of colour are blocked in. Now I need to add a bit more texture, pick out some tiles with paint and pen. Shadows should help to mould the building and sit it down in to the pavement. But I think for now I need some might start on windows next.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Pine Chest, Market Street

Here is a scan of the rough sketch for what will probably be the next painting.
A busy corner of Lewes, and a risky place to cross the road!! The Pine Chest is a pretty shop in an interesting building. I will try to find a bit more about the history. Got the shiny mathematical tiles which adorn many Lewes buildings. They are black, but I will paint them with blues and purples to try to get the glazed effect. Lewes FC supporter with dog speeding down the one way system on a bike...and maybe my dog sniffing out another lamp post = checking his wee mails... and lots of nice angles to play with.
Love the way the paint dries in the sketch book as usual!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Why use one colour...?

A wash of red and ochres on the roof with drips of blue, purple and yellow green

Another wide range of colours to represent the ancient knapped flint

Here are the first two stages of painting the flint house. As you can see, one colour will never do!!
When the ochres and purples on the roof were still damp I dropped in some bright and quite opaque yellows and greens for the lychen.
For the flints, I can never decide on their colour, they are warm yet cool at the same time. So I had fun with three puddles of colours, a yellow ochre, a purple and a pink, then I dropped in some extras here and there mostly blues.
In the first image you can see the spots of blue mask that I had splashed around. Removing this once the wall was painted left me with some bright white flashes for the flint. I can always dull these down with another wash later and some shadows, if necessary.
Sky next!! It will be a greeny blue, to contrast all the purples.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Thousands of flints...

Today I have been in a world of my own drawing little flints. If someone had asked me to go and draw a couple of thousand flint shapes I would have thought they were mad. Funny though, just letting the pen do its thing and drifting off in to thought I really enjoyed drawing these. Ready to paint them now woo! Might splash a bit of masking fluid on first though to get that speckled effect of the flint.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Barney in Bath

I collected four paintings of Bath at the weekend and these are now hanging in Chalk Gallery, Lewes.
Here are four details that include a rather special dog!
At the Fudge Factory
Visiting Jane Austen
A drink at Bath's Smallest Pub
A taste of Pie at the Pump Room

Detail of seizure illustration

I have dusted off the paints and here is the first use of them for this year. This is a detail of an illustration for the NCYPE.
Good to get some colour going again...shame about the short daylight hours though!