Saturday, 28 March 2015

An old corner of Bishopsgate, London

sketching out plans for the pub
all drawn out with some extra characters
now for the fun bit!

Time for a new London pub! Dirty Dick's pub in Bishopsgate caught my eye some time ago. I then found a little book about it in my Mum's things, so I know that she had been there at some time with my Dad, when he worked in the city. The pub tells the story of a wealthy city merchant, Nathaniel Bentley,  that owned a warehouse in Bishopsgate. His wife to be died on their wedding day, and it is said that from that day he never washed or tidied again. The wedding breakfast lay on the table for 40 years.
At one time there were several dead cats hanging from the ceiling in one of the cellar bars, but these have been tidied away. It is still a very old pub inside with wooden booths and lots of small areas to discover!
Charles Dickens may have been inspired to create Miss Havisham by the story of the merchant, but then every old London pub seems to have a Charles Dickens connection! He has to go in the picture, anyway!

Tilikum's tail sells for over £1500 at Whalefest

A quick update, the tail I painted for Tilikum was signed by the wonderful Jean Michel Cousteau and raised over £1500 for Whale Fest. Such fantastic news : )

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The tale of a (whale) tail - for Tilikum

picking up my tail from the pod at Brighton
first coats and primer
blues and purples for icy seas and night sky

and on the back, Tilikum's dream

The spirit of Tilikum in the Northern Lights

For Tilikum, where he should be in Icelandic seas
and the tail arrives at Brighton ready for Whale-fest

 I was invited to paint one of 56 steel tails to raise awareness of the 56 whales and dolphins in captivity, that should be swimming in the biggest and most beautiful aquarium of all, the open sea.
I picked Tilikum, it was a lucky dip. When I researched more I found out more of his sad story. He is currently stuck at SeaWorld in Florida in a very small tank. He should be swimming with his family in Icelandic waters. Whale fest is on this weekend, 14th and 15th March. This tail will be signed by one of many famous supporters of World Cetacean Alliance and auctioned to raise funds for this cause.