Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Symposium, Lewes

Finished my latest commission so time to start something new for the gallery. I love the windows in Symposium on Lansdown Place, Lewes. In its past it has been an Indian restaurant, a Fish and Chip shop, a Fish monger, and even The Norfolk Temperance Hotel. Interestingly, the man who lived and ran the temperance hotel had ten years previously been listed as the Lansdowne pub, two doors up. So something made him change his mind from selling beer! Interesting what stories you can imagine, from little snippets of information. His wife had come from Norfolk, which might explain the name of the hotel.
Next door was the victorian photographer Bliss. I fancy having him in the picture, and a reverence to the fishy history!


  1. We live above Symposium, so we'd love to see how this turns out. Our two year old (Pearl) thinks that's herself in the top window, but that's her brothers window!

    1. oh!! perhaps I had better change the top window!! might be a bit scary if there is an old lady up there!! (but she was happily drinking tea)