Friday, 1 March 2013

Laying down colour on Symposium, Lewes

Mathematical Tiles

The first wash I play with layers of paynes grey, ultramarine and purple, with little touches of ochre here and there. overlaying with a flat brush some bricks are easy to pick out to give the impression of the shiny black mathematical tiles, which Lewes is famous for.
Glowing amber bricks
 Then when I put the first reds and oranges on the colours really contrast, the colours are so exciting together...especially when the paint is still wet and transparent like glass.

all the base colours are on

Now some heavy colours so that I get the rest of the tones right. Love those tiled steps! I would like to paint an interior with black and white tiles...I used to love those circular interiors paintings as if reflected in a mirror, usually with the tiled floor. Who painted those? ...will have to look up now ( I have a terrible memory for artist names )
wonderful green...
 Now the bit that drew me to the shop in the first place, those wonderful arched windows. The pale green sings out next to the red too.
so, that is the end of the easy bit...the definate colours are on. the rest I have to decide on...colours in windows and peoples clothes. It doesn't look much to be painted - but it will take me another couple of days to finish! watch this space...

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