Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tower 42 - Nat West Tower - Sketching day

It was a portrait day in my sketchbook yesterday! The nature of the building we were sketching from just stayed with the way I held my book, even though it was a fab panorama!
 Second sketch of the day was down in the Engine room. It was dark and slightly creepy down here, away from the bright sunshine and skyline. Maintenance were working and calling out the odd code, and there was just the sound of dripping..The machines started to look like monsters about to come to life!
 The Gherkin, this was sketched in the morning, and my first sketch of the day. My lines are a bit more wooly, as it takes a while for me to get in to it!! As I was sketching away I suddenly spotted the O2 in the distance. It wasnt where I expected to see it! can you spot it peeping out?
Final sketch of the day was the most enjoyable! We were sitting up in Vertigo on floor 42, with the most amazing view! We watched the sunset over London to the sounds of a Brazilian Bosa Nova!
I would like to work this up in to a painting. I started this drawing at the building just next to the Monument, you can see the line is a bit light and hesitant here. Gradually I got in to it, and my favourite bit of all has to be the church joining Cornhill and Gracechurch Street. Back overlooking the stomping ground of one great g g g g (not sure how many x) Grandfather,that ran that pub in Gracechurch Street. Imagine what he would think of it now!....

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