Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cobblers, Lewes - first sketch

I have a picture in my head of the Cobblers shop in Lewes, at night...with elves making shoes...

This little shop is a rarity these days, a real cobbler working with traditional methods and materials.People send their shoes down to him from London!

 The little shop sits between two roads in Lewes, North Street and Market Street. I love the fact that the two street signs are either side of the cobbler! Which one should Cobblers be in?

You approach cobblers directly from West Street as you travel the one way system...this is the view you get with the Needlemakers to your right, just before you bend round to the left and find Chalk Gallery.

I havent found out the history of the building yet...maybe it was previously access to a yard behind the other buildings? Hope to find something out before I paint it.

I have just to decide how to colour the glowing light...and how to colour the Chalk Cliffe which can be seen in the background, a famous Lewes landmark.

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