Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A day spent Life Drawing

I spent a whole day life drawing yesterday, using lots of styles, speeds and equipment!
My favourite pictures were the result of a ten minute session (or maybe it was five) at the end of the day, when we were all very confident with the body. I produced these 3 pages of very quick studies of the moving figure. They make a good design in themselves, and give me ideas for producing a painting.

Some other work of the day includes this comparison, a twenty minute pose, I spent 15 mins on the picture with the graphite, and then less than 5 on the charcoal quick drawing. It is amazing how easy it was to draw the second image, having studied it already for the longer time. the resulting quick picture is much more pleasing. they are so similar, but I didnt trace it!

and finally, here are a couple of other drawings in a different style again, where I was trying to use colour and water wash

all in all a good day, and a great help to me for when I am drawing my little illustrative people... even if some of them are only a few cms tall!!

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