Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A first review of "Railway Land Dogs' Club" by Christopher Dorling

The Railway Land Dogs' Club
Ivy's Lost Ball

....an appreciation....

I am first struck by the utterly charming illustrations; so many quirky details true to the location, recognisable by those in the know, intriguing to others. And the dogs; as doggie as one could wish with their 'waggy tails and fluffy bottoms'. There are no doubt small human counterparts in every primary school class. Here is a sympathetic world where children will connect and cotton on.
Perhaps the real achievement of this first Dogs' Club story lies in the creation of a complete fantasy, a fantasy that is also totally believable. It is almost too good to be true, but it is true which may be it's secret.
I like to imagine a future volume with the dogs now older and beginning to behave more like grown-ups. Children will understand, and love and laugh at that too.
Finally (and with apologies to Jamie Oliver); Dogtastic....get stuck in!'

Christopher Dorling
Founder, Dorling Kindersley Ltd


  1. How wonderful! What a commendation and how fantastic to receive such (well-deserved) praise :) xxx

  2. yes, I am thrilled and feel a bit more confident. I used to be an agent for Dorling Kindersley books at home about 15 years ago!!