Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wallis & Wallis, or the Old Co-op, Lewes

initial sketch of the old co op

all drawn out and ready to paint
I went for a  1920s theme to my characters

The Old Co-op building in Lewes built in 1907 still exists thankfully, narrowly escaping a second world war bombing which wiped out rows of cottages in front and behind. I imagine the building may have lost the very top of its fairy tale tower at this time.
I have drawn what I imagine when I look at the they may have looked, and how life may have gone on around them. Nothing is real.
I heard stories that there used to be dances in the barn at the back. The building is now occupied by Wallis and Wallis Auctioneers, and the parents of one of the ladies that works there now actually met at a dance there. The lady that works there now also met her own husband, not at the dance, but at the Auctioneers. The building obviously has some charm and the ability to bring people together!
The co op had a cash train, that ran across the ceiling from the pay point up to the cashiers office, and would be returned again to the customer with change inside. Pity it isnt there now!

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