Friday, 17 April 2015

Painting the Mayflower Pub at Rotherhithe

drawn out in the clean white paper ready to paint!

first colours, earthy and fairly monchrome
blue sky brings in some cheery colour

ooh that black contrast helps, and the first bright splashes of pink and yellow
all the colours on...I may have missed a few spots. has it come alive?

I have really enjoyed painting this historic little pub on London's river bank. I have roots in this area, and so do so many people across the world! The Pilgrim fathers began their journey from the steps beside the pub, fishermen calling at Londons docks could call in and buy a stamp, and my ancestors build barges just yards away.


  1. Will it be available as a giclee print to purchase, Lyndsey? I'd love to buy one.

  2. ooh...thank you Liz! maybe, I have some time for a change before I exhibit this one. Usually I am painting a few days before it needs to go up! I havent had any prints done of my work for ages for this reason!
    I am hoping to exhibit it at Southbank exhibition in June : )

  3. Let me know the dates if you are exhibiting there.