Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The story of the Lewes Christmas card for SASBAH

I sat and painted in the field on a sunny spring day

sprinkle a little snow with my imagination

For the last 4 years I have supplied the charity SASBAH with one of my paintings of Lewes to be produced as a Christmas card.
Here is the development of this year's.
Baxter's field is a piece of land that is privately managed for public use. It has some nice slopes that are just right for sledging so is the place to be when Lewes does get the rare amount of snow needed!

I went and found the field on a sunny spring day. It was lovely and warm and I was full of the promise of summer to come when I sat there and sketched the view to the castle. A few people were sitting around and sunbathing.

At home I worked from my sketch and imagined how the view might look when it was snowy and people were sledging.

Once I had the rough sketch sorted and had chosen my colours I worked it up again. Had to change my dog to a cat though, no dogs allowed in the field!

It has been to the printers now, so hopefully the Christmas cards will be in packs in Cards for Good causes on the High Street later this year.
My original painting will go to Chalk Gallery in November.

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