Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The story of a greetings card for Leeds Castle, Kent

I sat by the castle and sketched, it was late in the day and so peaceful

my first sketch. I knew there would be more characters, just not sure how many at this point

when I sketched it out I gradually added more...literally cutting and pasting to get them all in!
then I worked from my sketch to draw it all out again on Bockingford watercolour paper

and then the paint went on!
a close up on the characters. Leeds, castle of queens

I was happy to be commissioned by Leeds castle to produce a painting that could be sold as a greetings card in their shop. I hadn't been to the castle before, so made my way over with sketchbook one sunny afternoon. Getting lost on the way I arrived late in the day, and was only able to sketch from across the lake. It was beautifully warm and peaceful.
I worked from my photographs and memories of my visit to produce the sketch, gradually building up the characters. Leeds is famous as the castle of Queens. I had them all in there, taking a selfie. Henry and Catherine of Aragon lived there for a while, and in more recent times the castle was owned by Lady Baillie, and her lovely dogs.
Now it is open to the public, and has lots of events, huge grounds, including a golf course, weddings, punting, jousting, a fabulous Christmas market, fireworks, flower festivals and more. see to find out.

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