Thursday, 19 October 2017

A Christmas Card for Chichester

I planned the layout and the colours in my Seawhite sketch book
all drawn out and ready to colour

The finished painting

This year I planned a painting of Chichester for a fund raising Christmas Card for SASBAH.  Back in the spring I met a friend and we went for lunch there, and I had a good look around all in the name of research! I knew the layout I wanted to paint when I came away. It was several months later, and high summer by the time I got to draw it out in my sketch book though! I have added a few famous faces that live around the Chichester area, or have connections there...can you spot anyone? The original painting will be shown at Chalk Gallery next month, and the christmas cards are now on sale at Cards for Good causes shops in Sussex

you can buy the fundraising card also online, here ;

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