Thursday, 23 November 2017

An advent card for Taylors Port

initial rough sketch to work out layout 
the sketch looked a lot better with colour

and now drawn out on a much larger scale

the first colours go on
a few extra details are added as I go

have a closer look at the treading

and here it is at Judge Sampson in production

I had the exciting challenge this autumn, to paint the  beautiful Vargellas Vineyard in Portugal for Taylors Port, and to include in the painting people working on the harvest, and also treading the grapes in the tanks in the winery. This involves much jollity with music and dancing too!

It took a while to figure out the layout, and did need a couple of minor changes. Adding watercolour to the sketch helped the client to see the final effect.

This was a lovely picture to paint, full of sunshine and celebration. It was then printed as an advent card and has now been sent out to Taylors' friends for christmas time.

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