Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Maison Bertaux

I sketched this pub in Feb 2017, but something wasn't working with it

I drew it out again, but with a little bit less of the pub 

first the blues and then the yellows, but that sunset sky is just too strong

the finished painting, brought alive by the colours on the people

The Maison Bertaux patisserie is in Greek Street, Soho. It is one of those places that cried out to me to be painted. I sketched it out a year ago, but did not feel right about the layout. On researching the patisserie (the oldest in London) and the pub next door, I began to find out more and more stories about the pub. The Coach and Horses Greek Street, I think I will revisit that one rather than try to put them in this painting, which is all about the pastries!
Upstairs above the patisserie is a gallery, there are many arty connections. Noel Fielding showed paintings here just before christmas. ; )
In the end I knocked the sky back. I wanted a glowing sky rather than blue, but found that my first attempt was far too gold and overpowered the building. I hope the pink and purple additions have made it a bit more subtle!
Maison Bertaux "People watching, patisserie and a pub (with a past) "

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