Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Best of the Bath Prize exhibition

 I was reading Chris Dunn's blog, he was the overall winner of last year's Bath Prize, and he mentioned that he would be at the Bath Prize Centre on several occasions in the run up to this year's exhibition. So...I asked him if he would mind taking a photo for me, so I could finally see just what I had exhibited. And here it is... Above is the shop front, it had been standing empty having been a closed down shoe shop, and has been put to good, but temporary, use, for this exhibition. An ancestor of mine (several times great grandfather) used to be a tailor in this very street, Stall Street, Bath! You can just see my paintings inside through the right hand closed door.
Here is a closer look at the work. The wonderful large painting at the bottom of course is not mine.
The two Pulteney Bridge paintings are together at the top. this is the first time that I have seen them together, and it looks like I got the sizes right so they match!  I was only working from my photographs, and the fact that I was limited to the length of my paper. The Bridge painting underneath is one of my entries for this year, and it hasnt been priced as it is not yet for sale.
On the top right is my painting of Cote Brasserie in Milsom Place which sold last year.
the middle is Sally Lunns (Bath Buns and Hungry Tums) which I painted for the Inspired exhibition in Bath in spring 2011, and at the bottom is my painting of "Baths smallest Pub" the Coeur de Lion.
All the other paintings are priced, but I cant see how much for. But it looks like they have increased in value which is good!
I think Barney is in all of them...going to have a closer look now!

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