Thursday, 13 September 2012

Delivery of paintings to Bath

Yesterday I went to Bath by train with my three paintings under my arm, ready for this year's Bath Prize. I finally got to see all the work in The Best of The Bath Prize exhibition too. The exhibition is in temporary premises in Stall Street, opposite the Roman Baths Pump House.
Only a couple of weeks ago I discovered that my Grandad (on my mothers side)'s Grandad, had been a shopkeeper in Stall Street Bath so I intended to look up where he had been when I was there.
I went to the library and found him working as a tailor at 3 addresses there. I photographed some of them. But now for the big coincidence ... and maybe the reason that I have found Bath...

The owner of the Bath Gallery recommended a guest house for me to stay overnight if I go back for the Private View next week, in the centre of Bath in Abbey Green. Whilst researching my Grandad's Grandad, I found him at one address of 3 Abbey Green. Guess which number is the Guest House!! ...3 Abbey Green. : O
Now I know why I am finding Bath so wonderfully paintable!

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