Thursday, 29 November 2012

Two new sketches for today

I love sketching in my book. True I am working from photographs with a heater beside me, so maybe it's not sketching in the true hardy outdoor sense of the word... but even so I enjoy the freedom of the lines, the wetness of the paint, splashes and cauliflowers in the way it dries on the cartridge paper.
Above is an old flint cottage. Knapped flint for this one, and the one to the left has the lovely roundy cobbles. The roof is golden with moss and lychen. Luckily there is some grass and plants growing through between the house and the pavement to add a bit of colour at the bottom. The yellow lines help me too.
The second sketch for today is a lovely bright pub near to Brighton Station. The creams and reds will really dominate in this picture, so I will need to find some greens to put in front. A green bicycle to the right will help, maybe with flowers in the basket. then some green clothes on the customers. The two blind windows have been painted with beer mat designs, so I will attempt to replicate them.

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