Thursday, 23 November 2017

An advent card for Taylors Port

initial rough sketch to work out layout 
the sketch looked a lot better with colour

and now drawn out on a much larger scale

the first colours go on
a few extra details are added as I go

have a closer look at the treading

and here it is at Judge Sampson in production

I had the exciting challenge this autumn, to paint the  beautiful Vargellas Vineyard in Portugal for Taylors Port, and to include in the painting people working on the harvest, and also treading the grapes in the tanks in the winery. This involves much jollity with music and dancing too!

It took a while to figure out the layout, and did need a couple of minor changes. Adding watercolour to the sketch helped the client to see the final effect.

This was a lovely picture to paint, full of sunshine and celebration. It was then printed as an advent card and has now been sent out to Taylors' friends for christmas time.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Lewes war memorial Charity Card - Merriment and memories

A rough sketch 
ready to paint

Here is the first plan, drawing and finished painting ready for this year's SASBAH Christmas card for Lewes, to be sold at Cards for Good Cause. The Town Cryer was a perfect finish to the drawing which had that open space at the right hand side. He can also hail the selling of the card OYEZ!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

A Christmas Card for Chichester

I planned the layout and the colours in my Seawhite sketch book
all drawn out and ready to colour

The finished painting

This year I planned a painting of Chichester for a fund raising Christmas Card for SASBAH.  Back in the spring I met a friend and we went for lunch there, and I had a good look around all in the name of research! I knew the layout I wanted to paint when I came away. It was several months later, and high summer by the time I got to draw it out in my sketch book though! I have added a few famous faces that live around the Chichester area, or have connections there...can you spot anyone? The original painting will be shown at Chalk Gallery next month, and the christmas cards are now on sale at Cards for Good causes shops in Sussex

you can buy the fundraising card also online, here ;

Sunday, 8 October 2017

An Advent Card for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Initial sketch,trying a layout

All drawn out and the first paint goes on

Lots of people to draw
finished painting, includes Nelson and a ship's figure head

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard commissioned me this year to produce a painting for an Advent card to be sold at the Royal Navy Museum there. Here is the link to the finished card

Friday, 6 October 2017

Stoners the Jewellers, Burgess Hill

loosely sketched in my Seawhites sketch book

scaled up and drawn out on a larger piece of Bockingford watercolour

All done

I grew up in Burgess Hill, in the seventies most Saturdays were spent by having a walk up to the town with my pocket money. The town was fairly small, but had recently been enlarged with a new modern shopping centre with what were at the time exciting new shops. A big Smiths, a giant boots, a new toyshop, sweet shops and some clothes shops, there was also a big showroom to exchange your green shield stamps. That area of the town is now all about to be torn down again. that makes me feel old!
However, there are a few strong survivors, and here is one. This jewellers shop is in its third generation. Survived the first phase of demolition in the town and all those new shops, and now stands firmly resisting all the changes that are threatening again. There are not many shops that have survived for longer than I can remember so these really need to be celebrated!
Once upon a time I would be left outside these shops in my pram, and would talk to people as they passed by or stopped to say hello. I am trying to get a feel for those times within this picture. I also remember well the lady traffic warden that used to pound the streets of the town. She was a bit scary to me!!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

progress of a painting for Leeds castle Christmas card

plans in my sketch book

pencil drawing following my rough sketch
nice and tidy with pen
the snow comes alive with blue shadows

all done!

and dusted! (with glitter)

Last year I painted a greetings card for Leeds Castle, featuring the queens and King Henry VIII among others, and following that a Christmas card was needed.
I took the same view, altering the angle slightly so that the fairground and Christmas market could be seen across the moat. some of the same characters are in the winter scene, but with additions of course.
Both cards are now for sale in the Leeds Castle shop, and the Christmas card is all glittery : )

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Hisbe - an independent supermarket with a big heart

loosely sketched, first washes, creates a lively painting

the finished painting on thick paper with more attention to details

Brighton means seagulls of course!

This painting of Hisbe - (How it should be) painted for a Brighton themed exhibition at Chalk Gallery
the supermarket liked the lively sketch too, and it will be appearing in some of their advertising soon.
All the good food at Hisbe is locally sourced and sold with love.