Friday, 25 January 2013

The Pine Chest, Lewes

I think it is finished! The shop did end up taking a long time as more and more decisions had to be made as I drew the toys! I hadn't intended to add so much detail, but as usual I got a bit carried away! Even down to a bargain painting picked up at the Flea Market.... here is a closer look...
Talking about the Flea Market...I think that has to be painted next! Watch this space.


  1. Fantastic- love the Mona Lisa flea market bargain (and also the flea market- definitely going in there for a snoop this week; it's been far too long!)

  2. thank you!! got a photo of you without moustache..? I will put you in - with a bargain buy....what is the most random thing that you have ever bought?!!!...