Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Pine Chest, Market Street

Here is a scan of the rough sketch for what will probably be the next painting.
A busy corner of Lewes, and a risky place to cross the road!! The Pine Chest is a pretty shop in an interesting building. I will try to find a bit more about the history. Got the shiny mathematical tiles which adorn many Lewes buildings. They are black, but I will paint them with blues and purples to try to get the glazed effect. Lewes FC supporter with dog speeding down the one way system on a bike...and maybe my dog sniffing out another lamp post = checking his wee mails... and lots of nice angles to play with.
Love the way the paint dries in the sketch book as usual!


  1. That corner is SO tricky to cross; and one I always seem to be dashing across in my hurry to get to the flea market :p Looking forward to seeing your larger version!

  2. Yes me too! very occasionally a nice car will stop for you... other times you play the risky game of standing on the island in the middle of the road!